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I wish I could give higher than 5 stars, because Mr. Nelson is worth it. I’ve had to use Greg twice now, and both times my outcome has been surreal. I was initially referred to Greg from a friend who also received a great result, and I wouldn’t refer anyone but Greg Nelson. His experience as a Prosecutor shows, as he has extensive knowledge on the inter workings of the courts and you can tell he is respected by all. Not only does Greg help with the final outcome, but he is a good ally to have during the entire process. A DUI can be a very stressful process, but Greg’s experience and professionalism helps take away a lot of this stress. To top it off, he is very reasonably priced and accepts payment plans. Please, don’t choose a lawyer before contacting Greg Nelson. Greg, thanks again for your professionalism and assistance during my tough times.

— Sean M.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney with compassion for his clients, I would look no further than retaining Greg Nelson. Greg not only understands the law, but is one of the most compassionate and understanding person that I have met. I have used Greg twice now for a couple of different charges and both times he exceeded my expectations. Having been in a circumstance that can affect your life both personally and financially is a very scary time in one’s life, I had many questions and much apprehension. Greg always put me at ease and everything went exactly as he stated. Greg is very approachable and always answers the phone or promptly returns your calls. One time I had a question on a Saturday and he answered his phone, I could tell he was at his children’s event; he still had a conversation with me to put my mind at ease. Greg’s fees are much more reasonable than other attorneys that I had looked into. I can tell that he is very well respected by all players in the court system. If you ever find yourself in the position where you need legal representation, I would 100% recommend retaining Greg.

— Ed

Greg was an amazing lawyer. I should of got the hammer thrown at me but I got a sentence that was way less than I deserved. I recommend anyone that has got a DUI to use Greg because he will be straight up honest with you but works magic in the courtroom. He is very organized as well and Greg sets you up to succeed. I would not of wanted another lawyer.

— Landrum

Greg is a great lawyer – he was always available to help me understand my case and was ready to take my calls/meet with me very quickly. I never waited more then a few hours for a call back which was really great and helpful with this stressful situation. My court date went a lot better then expected and he negotiated a great deal for me. I highly recommend him!

— Megan

Greg Nelson is a great lawyer and I highly recommend him. I was visiting from out of state for a charity event when was stopped for a DUI. I was able to reach Greg and meet with him first thing the next morning. He walked me through the court process and was always available to answer my questions. He found an error in the police procedure and was able to get the charge reduced to reckless driving. Thank you Greg!

— Bryan

Greg Nelson was a fantastic lawyer. I got my first DUI/MIP arrest on a friday night, contacted him that saturday and met with him the following monday. He is literally always available to you. He did everything in his power to get best deal for me. I ended up getting only willful reckless driving and probation. This was quite amazing, and i didnt expect for it to go that well. I would recommend Greg to anybody, anytime. This man really knows his stuff.

— Stacey

On March 2013 got my second DUI; I Google searched for a good lawyer and came across with the name of Greg Nelson. I saw good reviews and hired him; I am 500% satisfied with Greg. He got y charges reduced and as he told me most people without a criminal record would qualify for house arrest since I wanted to avoid jail at all cost…. Court date went just as he told me; I turned myself in the next day and 2 hours later I was back home on house arrest.. Greg and his staff are very friendly and his cellphone is connected to his office phone so he is pretty much available 24/7; his fees are fair and will be straight forward and get you the best possible result.. no giving you false hopes.. In my opinion his is the best DUI lawyer in Omaha area… Greg thanks again for representing me…

— Korguen

I highly recommend Greg Nelson if you need an attorney. When he advertises that he s available 24/7–he means it. I contacted him early on a Saturday morning and I think he answered his phone on the first ring–unlike two other attorneys who advertised the same—but let their voice mail do the talking!) He set my mind at ease the very first time we spoke, and everything went smoothly from there. He clearly knows the system and all the key players in it, and because of that, he was able to get my charges reduced with the best possible sentencing on my very first court date — no need for a follow up hearing. Not only did he help me get a great result with my case, but he is reasonably priced as well. Don t hesitate to contact Greg if you need legal assistance–you will be happy you did!

— J.D

Greg Nelson was an ideal lawyer. He reviewed all the charges and clearly articulated my options. He worked with me during every step of the process and I felt I could talk to him at any time. He is extremely knowledgeable of the laws and workings of the court. Because of some of the things Greg recommended I do before I appeared before a judge, I felt I got the best possible outcome. Greg’s fees are reasonable and I would absolutely hire him again and recommend him to anyone that has DUI problems.

— Dave

Greg Nelson was helpful, responsive and very knowledgeable, I felt throughout his handling of my case that I could trust and rely on him to represent me well. When I had questions they were answered promptly, though more often than not, my questions were anticipated and answered up front. His experience with DUI cases was evident as was his respect for his clients. Greg provided me with outstanding representation during all phases of my DUI case from initial consultation to the conclusion of my case. He kept me informed of court procedures and suggested the course of action that he believed would have the best outcome. If you are charged with a DUI, I would highly recommend that you look no further than Attorney Greg Nelson for your legal representation.

— Chris

Greg Nelson really knows his stuff, and will get you the best possible outcome for your case. He not only knows the people in the legal system, but is liked and respected by them. Workers in the Probation Office, on hearing that he was my lawyer, congratulated me on getting such good representation–and they should know! He was not only competent, but kind, and he helped make the whole process much less stressful and confusing.

— SG

Greg did a great job answering any questions I had. He was honest and very professional. He got me the best possible outcome and I am thankful I found him as my attorney. Would highly recommend!


Being falsely accused of something I would never do was a hard journey to walk through especially with a family and little ones in tow. Greg went above and beyond to ensure we had a great outcome and got the case against me DISMISSED! Couldn’t recommend him more! If you’re accused and scared he is the right person to help you navigate it!

- AE

Got falsely accused twice and he got both of the cases dismissed

- Karmella W.

I highly recommend Greg Nelson he took time to explain and answer any questions I had and I had a lot. He was very professional and completely honest with me and it took a lot of the stress and fear away. Greg worked very hard to get me the best outcome to my case which was way better then I anticipated. I just wanted to say thank you for your time and all your help in my case and taking the time to explain everything to help me threw (sic) the process . You did an awesome job for me and I appreciate that a lot I don’t think any other lawyer could have done a better job, you’re the best Greg! I will make sure I refer you to anyone that I know that needs a great lawyer. Thank you.

— Mike S

I want to highly recommend Greg Nelson. He did exactly what I needed him to do and my outcome was better than I had anticipated. I did not know where to turn or who to turn to, but I lucked out and got the right attorney! Life is not perfect and sometimes things happen and you almost feel like the world is ending, but I saw a light at the end of the tunnel after I first met with Mr. Nelson and now that my ordeal is over with, I just want everyone to know he’s your guy! I am forever grateful to him for helping me out of a jam. He earned every penny that I paid him!

— Thank you Greg Nelson

Mr. Nelson did an excellent (sic) job for me, he is professional and to the point and got me the best possible result for my situation. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a DUI attorney. Things could have went very bad for me but Mr. Nelson resolved it and got me the best possible outcome with a sentence far less than I had feared, I am greatly relieved.

— Richard

I would highly recommend Greg Nelson. He was completely honest with me throughout the entire process. He never gave me any false hopes or expectations. In fact, he gave me the tough love that I needed more than once. You need someone that’s going to tell you the truth so you can make smart decisions. Also, I believe that Greg’s honesty and reputation helped in the negotiations with the prosecutor, as well as the judge. Greg proved to me that he believes in what’s right, not just a getting a check. Things went well for me, but had they not, I would still be completely satisfied with Greg’s efforts. He did an outstanding job for me and I believe he will do the same for you.

— Dan

What impressed me the most about Greg was his honesty and true compassion. When he takes on your case he is straightforward and sincere. He does not beat around the bush. He does everything in his power to make sure your case is tried justly and you are treated fairly. He is reliable, dependable, professional, and hard working. He is a man of integrity. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a trustworthy attorney. I like him so much I’ve used him twice.

— Sonia

Just wanted to comment that Greg Nelson did a great job with my case. It went much better then I had anticipated and I was happy with the outcome. He was MUCH more reasonable than about five other attorneys I contacted and he was reasonable about making payments. I would recommend him to anyone if they needed an attorney.

— Relieved

I what to say that Greg Nelson did a GREAT job. Legal Representation that I need for my case. If someone needs a good Defense Attorney I will tell them about him.He is the best.

— dodgerfan56

I highly recommend Greg Nelson for legal representation. He was very professional and achieved the absolute best outcome with regards to my situation. From the onset he explained all my options and what I could expect. Mr. Nelson was very easy to contact and would always return any calls or emails promptly. His fees were reasonable and offered flexible payment plans. I am very happy I chose Greg Nelson and would do so again if a situation ever arose.

— Anonymous

Greg was a great choice as my legal representation. He achieved what I view as the best possible outcome for my case. I would not hesitate to use his services again or recommend them to another.

— Jake

I have been a client of Greg Nelson and I highly recommend his law firm for anyone seeking representation. I have sought help twice and each time I have received outstanding counsel and representation. Greg Nelson has integrity and will do his utmost to provide the best service he can in your time of need. Excellent attorney.

— Pam

Thank you: I had been battling an ongoing issue for the last couple years that kept resurfacing under different charges. I contacted Greg Nelson law firm and he assured me all would be taken care of. I started to worry as the court date grow near So I called him and he assured me again he would take care of everything. Sure enough not only did he take care of my problem, but it won’t be able to surface again. thank you Greg for taking care of this for me it was greatly appreciated.

— Steven S

Greg Nelson did a GREAT job with my case. If anyone needs a DUI lawyer I would highly recommend Greg. He far exceeded my expectations and did it for a very fair price. I talked with several DUI lawyers and will definitely say Greg was the best option! He offers clear communication, fair pricing, and will get you the best possible sentence. Thanks again, Greg!

— Very Satisfied

Greg was an excellent attorney. Not only was he there to help through the entire process, he truly cared about the outcome of my case. Truly a knowledgeable individual and an attorney I would highly recommend to anybody facing charges. Reasonably priced, well worth the money to protect yourself. Negotiated a great deal for me, my case came out 10x better than I could have ever expected.

— Sean

If you are in need of legal representation, I could not recommend Greg Nelson enough. After being arrested for DUI, I had absolutely no idea how to proceed. Within minutes of contacting Mr. Nelson through his website, he had already reached out to get details on my situation. He was very honest and upfront about what the process was going to look like, which is exactly what I needed. He did not sugarcoat anything, but said he thought he could be of assistance to me. He was right! Greg helped me deal with both the DMV and court system and was able to reach a favorable outcome with both. I NEVER would have been able to achieve that on my own. He helped me make the best out of a very bad situation.

The price he quoted me during our first meeting was very fair and he stuck with that price even though my case was a little more work than he anticipated. He even let me break up the payments so this wasn't a financial burden for my family. If I ever find myself in need of legal representation again, I will be hiring Mr. Nelson with no hesitation.

-Chad W