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Record Sealing Attorney in Omaha, Nebraska

Getting your case dismissed is always the number one priority for every client. However, even when this has occurred, clients still faced obstacles because their original charges remained on their criminal histories and background checks. This fact made it difficult for individuals to secure employment and other opportunities even when their charges were dismissed.

The legislature in recent years and months has attempted to alleviate this problem by enacting laws sealing records including the original charge and prosecution when a case gets dismissed. The legislature also recently enacted a law allowing individuals who have had their cases previously dismissed to petition the Court to have their entire case history connected with the dismissed charge to be sealed. If you have previously had a case dismissed, for whatever reason, including diversion, drug court, or other problem-solving court or because the evidence did not support a conviction, please consider contacting this office or another to take steps to seal information related to your dismissed charge.

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