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Lawyers in Omaha NE: Defending Your Case

Greg Nelson Attorney at Law Dec. 16, 2022

Every case is different and your results will depend on countless factors too many to list here. However, you should feel confident the attorney you hire is ready, willing and able to get you the best result possible. The primary goal of any qualified lawyers in Omaha NE is to get your charges dismissed when possible. This can be done by convincing a judge, jury or prosecutor of your innocence, suppressing evidence against you that was wrongfully obtained by law enforcement or securing your entry into a program that can lead to a dismissal of your charges.  When this is not possible, the second goal is to seek a reduction in charges that carry less of a possible penalty.  Finally, if you are convicted, the goal is to get you the best possible sentence.

To accomplish these goals, you need an attorney that focuses on criminal cases, understands the issues and any possible defenses that exist in these types of cases and someone who fully comprehends the issues specific to your particular case.  The philosophy of this office is to meet with you in person at the outset of your case.  This meeting is important because it allows the attorney to learn about who you are and how your case can impact your life, career and family.  It is also important to get your version of what led to your arrest or citation.  You will be provided with a copy of police reports, in some cases at the initial consultation, but most likely at some point thereafter.  As the attorney was not present when the incident happened, it is vital that the client review the police reports and allegations and convey to the attorney any possible information that might be relevant to the defense of your case.  Only after a thorough review of the police reports and a meaningful conversation with the client can qualified lawyers in Omaha NE grasp how to defend your case.

Also during the initial consultation, you will be advised of the potential penalty for your charge(s).  However, keep in mind your charges will not be known for certain until your first court appearance because the ultimate decision on what crime to charge you with is up to the prosecutor and not the police officer.  The potential penalties will depend on the nature of the charge and the jurisdiction where the alleged crime was committed.  If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense in Douglas County, you may be charged with a violation of the Omaha Municipal Code.  Please click here to search for the elements of and possible penalty for your offense. If no specific penalty is listed for your offense, your charge will like fall under the general penalty provision which allows for the Court to impose up to 6 months in jail and/or a $500 fine per violation.  Most other crimes, including misdemeanors occurring outside of Omaha and most felonies, will be charged under a state statute.  Please click here to search for your offense and to learn the elements of and class of crime for each offense. Once you know the classification of your crime, you can click on the following links for felony offenses or misdemeanor offenses to learn of the possible penalty.

Another critically important part of the initial consultation for our lawyers in Omaha NE is to discuss what steps you can take to put yourself in the best position possible to receive a favorable sentence.  Your case may take many months before it is resolved.  Your actions between your arrest and eventual sentencing will go a long way in determining your fate.  It is vital that your and your Lawyers in Omaha NE discuss any and all steps you can proactively take to address any concerns the prosecutor and/or judge might have about your case.  For example, if drugs and/or alcohol contributed to your arrest or citation, it may be imperative that you seek a chemical dependency evaluation to determine the extent of any potential problem you might have and that you be prepared to follow any recommendations made in your evaluation.  The same can be said for any mental health problem, gambling addiction or anger management issue that contributed to your situation.  Another potential proactive step you can take is to ascertain and pay any restitution owed to the alleged victim of your offense.  To minimize the damage and to ensure yourself the best result possible, contact an attorney who has experience handling criminal cases and who can point you in the right direction.

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