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In cases in which law enforcement officers believe a crime was committed, but they have been unable to effectuate an arrest, they will often seek out a warrant for the person’s arrest. This process typically involves the officer presenting information to a local prosecutor and judge who will then authorize the issuance of a warrant. One may be able to ascertain whether they have a warrant for their arrest by checking the website of a local law enforcement agency:
Omaha Police
Douglas County Sheriff
Sarpy County Sheriff
Cass County
Washington County

You should contact an attorney immediately if you know or believe you have a warrant for your arrest.  An attorney may be able to assist you in determining whether there is a scheduled or pre-determined bond for your case so you know how much money you need to immediately bond yourself out of jail.  If you have a warrant for a crime that does not have a pre-determined bond, an attorney can advise you when you might be able to turn yourself in so that you can appear before a judge and have a bond set as quickly as possible to minimize incarceration.  An attorney can also appear with you in court to argue for the smallest bond possible, and in some cases, secure your release without you having to post any money at all to bond out of jail.  Finally, in some cases, an attorney may be able to schedule a court appearance to appear before a judge to cancel a warrant and avoid an arrest and incarceration altogether.

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Greg Nelson

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I had been battling an ongoing issue for the last couple years that kept resurfacing under different charges. I contacted Greg Nelson law firm and he assured me all would be taken care of. I started to worry as the court date grew near So I called him and he assured me again he would take care of everything. Sure enough not only did he take care of my problem, but it won’t be able to surface again. Thank you Greg for taking care of this for me it was greatly appreciated.

—Steven S.

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