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Most people who contact this office have already been charged with a crime.  However, in some instances, it may be necessary for one to seek representation before this occurs.  If you are suspected of criminal activity, you should strongly consider seeking representation immediately to assist you with any investigation that might ensue.  You have an absolute right to an attorney before you make any statements that incriminate you.  Many make the mistake of thinking they have nothing to worry about by talking to law enforcement or they don’t understand their right to be counseled by an attorney before or during an interrogation.  Most interrogations are designed to do the following: to get you to implicate yourself and bolster the State’s case against you.  In other words, the interrogation is typically designed to make a weak case strong and a strong case stronger.  In cases in which law enforcement already has enough evidence to arrest you, the requested interrogation is often a ploy to get you to come in so you can be arrested.  Having said all of that, there are certain limited situations in which your cooperation can lead to no charges being filed against you.  If you have been contacted by law enforcement because you are a suspect in a crime, or if you think you might be at some point in the future, you should strongly consider exercising your right to consult with an attorney to determine what options you have available to you.

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Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson

Attorney at Law

I had been battling an ongoing issue for the last couple years that kept resurfacing under different charges. I contacted Greg Nelson law firm and he assured me all would be taken care of. I started to worry as the court date grew near So I called him and he assured me again he would take care of everything. Sure enough not only did he take care of my problem, but it won’t be able to surface again. Thank you Greg for taking care of this for me it was greatly appreciated.

—Steven S.

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