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Criminal Defense Attorney Overview

The consequences of a criminal conviction are too varied and numerous to summarize here. They include, among other things, incarceration in jail or prison, deportation, substantial fines and court costs, loss of driving and voting privileges and the ability to own or possess a weapon, and loss of employment or the ability to obtain a decent job. A qualified criminal defense attorney in Omaha can do the following:

  • Mount a successful defense if you are innocent
  • Advise you what you can do to avoid jail or prison time
  • Obtain your entry into a program that can lead to a dismissal of your case
  • Seek house arrest and/or work release if jail time is imposed
  • Evaluate your case for any potential defenses
  • Successfully assert these defenses at trial or at a hearing to suppress evidence
  • Negotiate a favorable plea bargain for you
  • Obtain a reasonable bond allowing for your release from jail
  • Facilitate your arrest and release on outstanding charges so you avoid any jail

Whether you contact this office or another, contact a criminal defense attorney in Omaha that focuses only on criminal defense matters so you understand every option and defense available to you. At Nelson Law Offices, our aim is to do all of the above at an affordable price and with personalized attention to your case. Call any day…any time.

Nelson Law Offices in Omaha handles all phases of criminal cases, from investigation to appeal. The following is a summary of issues pertaining to criminal matters in Nebraska State Court. It does not include issues related to crimes prosecuted in Federal or Juvenile Court. Consult this criminal defense attorney office or another for questions regarding cases in Federal or Juvenile Court.

Outstanding Warrants
Defending Your Case
Post-Conviction Relief

Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson

Attorney at Law

I had been battling an ongoing issue for the last couple years that kept resurfacing under different charges. I contacted Greg Nelson law firm and he assured me all would be taken care of. I started to worry as the court date grew near So I called him and he assured me again he would take care of everything. Sure enough not only did he take care of my problem, but it won’t be able to surface again. Thank you Greg for taking care of this for me it was greatly appreciated.

—Steven S.

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